Thursday, January 6, 2011

More dog booties!

So apparently I know too many people with diva-ish dogs! Or maybe just too many people with very small dogs....Anyway, our realtor was mentioning at the closing on our house that her (small) dog did not like the recent cold weather and had peed on the rug by the door, presumably to avoid going outside to pee. I suggested dog booties and told her about the recipient of my original pair of dog booties and how the booties kept him relatively happy outside so that he stopped having indoor "accidents." She expressed interest in getting some for her dog and said she'd look at pet stores. So instead I made her a set, which will hopefully fit (I've never seen her dog, but these are my 50% reduction from the original pattern). They will be enclosed in our thank-you card.
And a coworker from my former job was very interested in dog booties for her little dog as well, so I promised them to her as a Christmas present. Due to moving, they became a "between Christmas and New Year's" present, but she loved them! And her little guy looks very cute in them. (These are a 45% version.)The best part? I had no idea what his coat looked like - the matching is total coincidence!

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