Friday, April 22, 2011

More Peeps!

Well, it didn't happen quite as quickly as I had intended, but I now have a small army of Peeps!

I had previously made just the two pink bunnies, but my boys fell in love with them, too. So I decided to make more bunnies for them, as well as making enough chick peeps so that every bunny had a chick friend. My boys will each find a blue or yellow bunny and a blue or yellow chick near their Easter baskets, and my friend will be getting a pink bunny and a yellow chick. I'll find someone else to get the other pink bunny and blue chick.

The chick tutorial is from Dandelions and Lace - same as the bunny tutorial. They went together easily. Instead of using fleece, this time I used stretch terrycloth - just because I had it and didn't want to buy anything. It worked out well, even though it shed all over me during construction. :) I would recommend these for anyone who wants little Peep plushies in their house...

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