Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More dog love....

I previously wrote about making a double-layer fleece jacket for my elderly dog, and I said that I would likely make another so that she would be sure to stay warm. Well, I did, at the end of January. In fact, I made TWO more - one double-layer, for outside, and one single-layer, for inside. (The "house coat" was my DH's suggestion, believe it or not!)

The pawprints on brown fleece is the double-layer one, lined with a camel solid. Both were Black Friday purchases. I made them as previously described, except for cutting the upper back and the collar with the pattern piece an inch away from the fabric fold, to give her a little more room across the back. This seemed to work pretty well. The single-layer jacket is the hunter fleece, which was stash salvaged from a failed costume attempt. I felt pretty good about making it something useful in the end. Both are bound with brown nylon-lycra.
I did zigzag the seam allowances of the collar-neck seam down on the green jacket, just so they weren't terribly obvious. Both use snaps, as that worked really well in the last jacket, which has held up very well to washing and wearing.

Of course, once I got around to making these, the weather turned mostly too warm for her to use them. I think each jacket has gotten at most a week's worth of wear. Oh, well! She'll have them if she's still around next winter....

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