Friday, March 16, 2012

More baby love....

Dr. Seuss's birthday was last month, and it gave me the impetus I needed to finally use some Thing 1/Thing 2 fabric that I bought from the SewItSeams coop several years ago. The problem is that I accidentally bought some of the poly knit and had no idea what to do with it, because I don't make diapers. (I thought I'd deleted my poly order and switched entirely to cotton interlock, but apparently I forgot to delete the poly part. So I ended up with both.) However, I have since seen that some people used the poly knits to make T-shirts for their kids, so I figured I had nothing to lose, right? So I sewed T-shirts for my boys from the Fishsticks Designs PCR pattern (still need to get pics of those shirts to blog), using the Thing 1/Thing 2 fabric for the main pieces and a cotton-Lycra knit for the sleeves and neckbands. Since that turned out well, I decided to use up the leftovers on a jogging suit for my niece. I didn't get it done quickly enough to mail to her for Dr. Seuss's birthday, but I think it'll be okay. This is KS SFB size M.

And my sister-in-law requested more boppy covers like the one I sent previously. Apparently it fits pretty well, and they use it all the time. So I raided my flannel stash (the dragonflies are from JAF clearance section a few years ago, and the other two are from JAF on Black Friday - maybe five years ago? I think that might've been my very first Black Friday fabric shopping trip.) This time I decided that I didn't feel like dealing with zippers (or buying them) when I have a snap press and plenty of snaps on hand! So I added an inch to each piece and interfaced the inch before turning it under and stitching in place, then added snaps. I haven't heard back yet, but I'm assuming these fit just as well.

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