Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And more silhouettes!

I made another set of silhouettes for a birthday present, this time for my grandma.  I used the same original photos as I had for the last post, but these were the ones that were printed out at 5x7 size.  As you can see, they fit very nicely into 4x6 mat openings.  This time, I left more torso just to see how I would like it.  And I think I like it!  Not for all of them, but I think it turned out really well here.  The background didn't show up as well, but it's a mottled blue/black, and I really liked it with the black silhouettes of boys.  I really hope my grandma likes it, too!  (I didn't make silhouettes of all her great-grandchildren, because I don't have access to profile shots of the other kids.  If she really likes these, maybe I'll try to get everyone to send me photos for a Christmas silhouette set....Or not.)

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