Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Easter shirts! (yes, finally!)

Yes, I've been horribly remiss in posting pictures of completed Easter outfits to date.  Ridiculous, I know!  Anyway, here goes (and these are both B3475):

First up, Thing 1's white penguin shirt.  This is a size 8, and I added a lined yoke.  The outer fabric is a white twill from JAF.  The facings and inner yoke are a penguin print cotton, also from JAF.  To prevent the print from being visible from the outside, I underlined the facings and inner yoke with a white muslin.  It didn't add much bulk but did mask the print.  I used snaps for the closure, per my son's request.  And in the end, he didn't even wear this for Easter, as the kids' choir he was in decided that white was not a good color for the kids to be wearing onstage. :(  However, he did wear it for his school concert a month later, so it was all good.  He became very self-conscious about the penguin print facings, so I ended up adding another snap near the neck, so that only white was visible.  Next time, I would leave the facings plain and only go with something fun on the inner yoke.

 Thing 2 loves Star Wars, so I found him this Clone Wars print at JAF.  (No, our church is not necessarily traditional on dress code.)  This is a size 6, and again I added a lined yoke and used snaps for the closures. He loves it!  And I came this close (><) to matching the print across the front, but somehow it still ended up being about a quarter inch off - gah!  Oh,'s still really cute.
All in all, a hit!

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