Friday, May 18, 2012

New pants!

Still catching up on blogging about Easter sewing....

Thing 1 is outgrowing his pants - go figure!  And he keeps getting holes in the knees of the ones that do fit.  So first I finally forced myself to repair 3 pairs at once, and then I searched through stores for new ones to fit.  But that was a losing battle, as he likes elastic waist, which have suddenly seemed to disappear from stores.  I don't get it.  Anyway, I thought that we were set on black pants for the Easter services and school concert, until I realized that his black pants are old enough to now be dark grey, especially from a distance.  Oops!  Time for a quick trip to JAF for black wrinklease twill!

These are KS 3042, size M with 2 inches added in length.  Since I was sewing pants with black thread, I also sewed similar pairs in a Transformers print (WM) and a dinosaur camo print on black (JAF, not pictured) for Thing 1 and a solid black pair (not pictured) in size XS for Thing 2 (his formerly black pants were also looking a bit grey).  I had to resize my templates for pocket openings, bags, and facings, but I think they turned out well.  And you can't tell from the picture (and it wasn't very visible on my other pictures, so I didn't bother using them), but I tried to make them look a little more RTW by pressing back the outer seam allowance and stitching it down about a 1/4 inch from the seam.  I also stitched a faux fly, as some of my son's RTW pants have this.  And I edge-stitched the top of the waistband before inserting the elastic.  I thought that might help keep that fabric from getting holes in it so readily.  We'll see....At any rate, three new pairs of pants that fit and are even a little long have now been added to the drawer!

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