Thursday, October 10, 2013

A surprise request!

As previously mentioned, we are attending a wedding!  So while in the car the other day, I asked both Things what they might want to wear to said wedding, thinking that I wanted to make sure that their choices were clean.  (Not to mention getting any necessary vetoing out of the way early....)  Thing 1 wanted to wear a T-shirt and shorts - um, no.  But Thing 2 surprised me by saying thoughtfully, "I think a shirt and tie."

Whoa!  Where did that come from?  Good thing we were stopped at a stop sign, or I might have caused an accident!  "Um, Thing 2, you don't have any ties!"

"But we can get one, right?"

Well, sure, I guess....or I can make one....I vaguely remembered seeing a tie tutorial on the Fishsticks Designs blog.  So I looked it up and printed out the pattern.  Once we went through his button-up shirts and determined which one he would wear, I remembered this fabric, which I thought he'd love!  Frogs and lizards - what better?  He pronounced that more than acceptable, so I whipped up a "traditional" tie along with the velcro/neckband tie.  I think he'll prefer the velcro/neckband, but my DH was weirding out about it, so I just made both.  We can choose when we're getting ready, I suppose.

The pattern is very straightforward and easy to do.  I kind of expect to see more of these in my future, now that he knows I can make them. ;)  And I will be happy to do so!

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Hazel_Myope said...

Aww! He's gonna look so cute!