Friday, May 30, 2014

Kiddo summer PJs

So about a month or so ago, I realized that spring had finally come to the Midwest.  As in, summer PJs were going to be in constant use.  And then I realized that Thing 1 no longer had any summer PJs that fit - because I saw him put on a pair that showed an inch or two of midriff, and the shorts looked like Daisy Dukes.  Not a good look.  Not at all!

So I traced off the size L of KS 3042, and I pulled out three lengths of flannel from the stash.  For each, I purchased a coordinating color T-shirt (might as well make this easy, right?).  And then I cut and sewed, adding an applique to each T-shirt!

We have robots doing lab work:


And Transformers!  (And it's killing me that I didn't pay enough attention to see that the pattern repeat was going to get me in trouble at center front.  I had checked that as I was cutting the other two pair, and I just got lazy on this one.  My bad!)

Considering that Thing 1 is fond of not wearing jammies unless ordered to (babysitter here at night, sleepover, whatever), I think three new pairs are sufficient for awhile!  And I'm happy to have moved some stash out into useful garments....

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Melissa said...

Those robots are simply adorable!