Sunday, June 1, 2014

Birthday pillowcases

I think I've mentioned before that my DSIL is a big horse lover.  So when I saw this mustang print flannel at JAF (on sale, no less!), I figured that I really needed to make something for her!  There wasn't enough for PJ pants, and I'm not sure if she needs more yet, anyway....So I thought pillowcases!  I haven't made her any pillowcases in a looooong time.  Sadly, there wasn't enough, as this was the last on the bolt, and the print was unidirectional.  Time to bring in some solid colors!  Basically, I just cut two pieces of print for each pillowcase (figured it out by dividing my usable length of fabric by 4), then added enough of the brown between the prints to get the needed length.  Then I added brown at the ends for trim as usual.  Not sure if this will go with her birthday or Christmas gift....maybe Christmas, as her other birthday gifts are definitely warm weather gifts and must be given now.

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