Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mother-daughter dressing....

So my sister-in-law's birthday is coming up again, and last year she wanted mother-daughter outfits.  Based on ideas she gave me (including patterns she liked), I had chosen the Frog Legs and Ponytails patterns Amelia shirt for her and Caroline dress for my niece.  Last year, I made the size M (a total guess, but it worked!) shirt for my sister-in-law and the 12-24 month dress for my then-18 month-old niece.  I had even bought another pair of fabrics at the time to make a second set for them, but I had wanted to wait on hearing how they fit, first.  And by the time I heard anything, I had other priorities, and summer was drawing to a close.  So instead, I pulled them out now!

These fabrics were from the "Keepsake Calicos" section at JAF.  I love the tonal blue butterflies print, and the yellow floral brightened it up nicely.  I made the M for my sister-in-law again but this time chose the 3T for my niece.  I figured that hopefully she can wear it next summer, too.  Once again, this is a well-drafted pattern, and there were no surprises.  

I hope that my sister-in-law likes the outfits!  And I'm very pleased to have them done in advance of her birthday!  I can see myself making her new mother-daughter outfits from this pattern as long as they are both willing to wear them.

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