Sunday, June 8, 2014

More birthday pillowcases!

My two nephews have birthdays coming up this month, and usually I just get them gift cards - Sport's Authority, iTunes, etc.  But I was at Jackman Fabrics two weeks ago for their Memorial Day sale, and I saw lacrosse fabric and just had to get it for my older nephew.  That was the first time I'd ever seen lacrosse fabric, so I decided that he needed a pillowcase to go with his birthday gift.  The younger one is easier - he plays soccer.  :)  

Then I had to ask their mom about their favorite colors - and she had to check with them! :)  The older one was easy - green.  I even had this green print in my stash!  The younger one went with purple as #1, but orange as a close second.  Well, sorry, kiddo, but purple doesn't really go with that soccer print.  So I chose an orange tonal print instead.  I'll put some gift cards in with these, and I'm hoping that they really like them!

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