Monday, December 8, 2014

Upcoming gifts

I had the brilliant idea a year or two ago to make infinity scarves as Christmas gifts.  And I tried it out on one scarf, and that's where I left the idea.  (Too many ideas, not enough time.)  So this year, I decided to revisit it.  And I actually made a few already!

This is a woven cotton shirting - I think - that I found at HF.  For something that's not flannel or fleece, it's still fairly soft.  I chose it mainly for the color/print, which is perfect for one of the recipients.  This made 3 scarves, so a total win.  

This fabric is one of the Plaiditude collection at JAF.  It's a brushed cotton, and it's soooo soft!  I wish they had enough left of the other colorways that I liked, because I would buy it all!  This one made 2 scarves.

With each of these, I used scissors instead of my rotary cutter, and I carefully followed the lines of the plaid to cut them.  Normally I'd be all about the rotary cutter and ruler, but my obsession over matching the stripes took over.

I really think the recipients will like these.

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