Sunday, January 25, 2015

Flannel pillowcases!

While I was fabric shopping at JAF on Black Friday, I spotted this adorable camping flannel.  I have a friend who loves camping, so I thought it would be perfect!  I already have flannel (from the prior Black Friday!) for a new pair of PJs for her, so I thought pillowcases would be great.  These worked up really quickly.

On another trip to JAF, I walked through the flannel aisle "just to see," since they had a great sale going on.  Oops!  I have a friend who is completely into tae kwon do, and she'd love this flannel for pillowcases!  Total impulse purchase....

Which also led to these monsters - found on the same sale.  They are just so cheery that I had to get some.  I didn't figure my DH would go along with them on our bed, so I decided that the Things needed new cheery pillowcases.

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