Sunday, January 7, 2018

Boxers everywhere

We know that boxers are a common gift for the males in my life.  (Although I'm surprised to not see any of the ones for my boys in there....did I seriously never blog them?  Let's see if I can find those pics....okay, here's one....These are some of the original boxers, after they got a prototype each in their stockings to test size....)

And more of the early ones....

Okay, back to this year.  These are for my husband, and both prints were from JAF.  He got the craft beer print in his stocking, and the dino skeletons are going into a box until Father's Day.

These are for Thing 1!  All fabrics again from JAF.  The superhero words print is the boys' XL, which is what he is currently wearing.  But the Mario, Zelda, and knockoff Minecraft are all men's size XS.  We'll see how those go.

These are for Thing 2!  The Chicago Blackhawks and bottle caps prints were from JAF.  The surfing skeletons, tools, and Marine Corps prints were from stash - I don't remember where.  These are all boys' size L.  (His previous ones were boys' M, and they're getting a bit tight.  He already had a Blackhawks print as seen above, but heaven forbid that he not have a Blackhawks pair that fits!)

These definitely went over well at Christmas!

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