Monday, June 16, 2008

Interrupted by a quick project....

So I was planning to be good and tackle the large pile of cut stuff, since I was good yesterday and demolished the large mountain of clean laundry, but then I was interrupted by an idea. See, when I picked up the Things from daycare today, I learned that Tuesdays and Thursdays will be "swimming" days for Thing 2's class - why couldn't they have sent this note home last Friday??? - and so he needs sunscreen (check - already in his cubby), a towel, and a swimsuit (don't own) or swim diaper (luck is with us! Thing 1's swim diapers from last summer mostly fit Thing 2 now!). I also plan to buy him some water shoes this weekend, but that'll be this weekend....In the meantime, why would I just use any old towel that I found in the house?

Thing 1 has a special water towel for school, so I decided that Thing 2 needed one as well. Voila!

This probably took all of half an hour tonight. I traced the letters (backward) onto the wrong side of Heat-n-Bond, then fused that block to the back of some fabric I took from a pair of Thing 1's pants. (They had gotten a hole in the knee last fall, and I hadn't repaired them. Now that he's grown, I thought it made more sense to cut them off and remake them as shorts.) I then cut them out and fused the (right way) onto a towel that I found in my sewing supplies. (I think I had bought this to make more hooded towels, but it hadn't been used yet.) Then I satin-stitched around the edges. By the way, this towel is actually navy blue, and the stitching is a bright green.

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, and I know that it won't disappear. :)

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Fuller Family said...

Hi! I was just looking at ideas to put letters on towels and found your blog! I am just curious...has this held up well for washing? I think I might try your idea...