Monday, June 22, 2009

Continued progress...

First, the finished PJs for Thing 1! This is KS 3042, and I made the short-sleeved shirt, the shorts, and the pants. That will make this PJ set more versatile for summer and fall. I don't think I can even hope that it will still fit in the spring! Still, that's 2.5 yards out from long-term stash! Yippee! Here is the shirt at its current stage. DH was able to try it on, though it will be more helpful when I add buttons and buttonholes to hold the facings in place. I will likely hem the sleeves as directed (1 inch, I believe), but he wants the shirt as a whole to be shorter, as he does not plan to wear this design tucked in. So we'll have to determine the length after the rest is done. Also, I need to take it in a bit at the sides and determine optimal alterations to the pattern. But then he wants to pick out some solid colors for the next ones!
All in all, I'd say that is success. I did feel the need for some instant gratification, so I cut two new pair of knit PJs for Thing 1 (both long-term stash as well!), and I already had two new pairs for Thing 2 cut as well. I spent this evening folding laundry, but tomorrow, I'll rethread the serger and begin stitching those, along with continuing to work on The Shirt.

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