Saturday, June 20, 2009

Progress update....

So I'm diligently working on a shirt for DH (which was promised to him three years ago - oops!) from KS 2935. And Thursday night, I got as far as needing to attach the collar before I went to bed. Friday night, I was ready to attach the collar, when I realized that I'd sewn the wrong edges of the collar together the night before. Aargh! At least I still had enough to recut the collar pieces. Now I'm waiting for my iron to heat up to press the collar and get back to it.

I'm also finally sewing up PJs for Thing 1 from KS 3042. I've used it for the pants before, but this is the first time with the shirt or shorts. I have some flannel from JAF on a Black Friday (2007, I think) which is being used for shirt, shorts, and pants. This has been cut and in the queue for months, so I hope that the pants are still long enough!

Hopefully there will be pictures later today or tomorrow!

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