Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still plugging away...

First up, not a Christmas present!

These are my new PJ pants. I figured that while I was making some for gifts, I might as well add to my collection! (And coming soon, I'll start working on more PJ shirts to coordinate.) I again used my trusty TNT M3006, and I added cuffs at the bottom, but this time I also added bias tape around the top of the cuffs, as unfilled piping. I think it sets them off a little, though my husband thinks they look goofy. Oh, well...

Next, a Christmas present that has already made it to its recipient! These are monogrammed stone coasters, using the tutorial at The Domestic Notebook. I love these! They were quite inexpensive, as well as really easy. And quick, too! These are two of the set I made for one friend. I made six for her, as well as for my grandmother, twelve for another friend (who has six children), and eight for another friend (who hosts church game nights). And I enjoyed it so much that I bought more stones to paint. I think I spent $25-30 in the initial supplies (I bought two of the large stamps, the ink, and a set of alphabet stamps - all on sale) and my first sets of stones. That's quite reasonable, especially since the ink will last a very long time and the stamps of course practically forever! I found some alphabet stamps that I think I like better, but I don't yet like them better enough to buy a new set. :) Just waiting for a good sale.

And finally, for my friend who is coming to visit this weekend, I finally cut out and sewed up her new scrub jacket. This is pattern M9652 in a size S. It's quite large, however - these scrub jacket patterns are designed with a lot of ease. I made several muslins in ugly fabric a few years ago, to determine the fit for her. Now I just pull out the trusty pattern and cut. :) I made a lot of these jackets for her in 2006 and 2007, but this is the first time I've made her a new one since. She's going to love it, as she loves most patriotic stuff. (And I have more of this fabric to give her as a present, so she can decide what else she wants with it.) I'd forgotten how easy the pattern is to make up, which is good, because I have two or three more fabrics to sew up in the near future. I don't make many alterations - removed some length to add ribbed cuffs, and either use no closures or use snaps.

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