Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Baby project

I just realized that this project never made it onto the blog! Even though the items were mailed/given out in early January....Anyway, my cousin had a baby girl back in October, and a client's wife was due around New Year's with a baby girl. I was able to kill two birds with one stone when I realized that the girly interlock print I had bought awhile ago was enough to cut two baby jogging suits! They took barely any time to make up, and they turned out so cute!
The pattern is KS SFB - the knit pants with cuffs and the snapped jacket. The pattern goes together really easily, and it can work well for either boys or girls. (The instructions do remind you that the fronts overlap differently depending on gender.) The pants are basically the same as the ones I make all the time for DS#2 - crotch seams, inseam, plus cuffs for babies. And the raglan sleeved jacket is just a few seams and then ribbing.

This is a 3-6 month size. I figured that they get plenty of cutesy newborn clothes at showers, so I would make something that would be useful a little later on. Besides, I knew that the odds of my finishing and getting these out before the babies' births was not likely! :) (Actually, I had started these when my serger decided to get sick and have to be hospitalized, so it was good that I'd cut a larger size.) I did actually finish just after the second baby was born, so that wasn't too bad.

I used cotton/lycra ribbing - the pink was purchased to coordinate with this print, and the yellow was in my stash. Good thing, because I didn't have quite enough pink to do the second suit! And I used SnapSource snaps and my SnapSource snap setter. I love that thing!

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