Sunday, May 23, 2010

The weekend's progress....

The scrub jacket is as done as I can make it right now.
As you can see, it is missing its cuffs, but that's because I need to find appropriate colored ribbing for it. I actually purchased some dark pink (fuschia, maybe?) ribbing over the weekend, but The Husband wisely pointed out that it would cause the cuffs to draw the eye, instead of blending in. So instead, I'm on the hunt for some pale pink ribbing, to match the background. I have time - this is a Christmas gift.

And I finished the new lightweight summer pants for the boys. I had just bought the fabric this month, so I'm pretty pleased that it went as intended and didn't become stash. And they are happy with their new pants! This is KS 3042, size S, for Thing 1 and KS SFT, size T3, for Thing 2. Both sizes give a little growth room, still.
And while I am currently working on the new PJs - planets flannel and green interlock - I remembered the project that had been shelved ages ago, waiting for more stuff to serge with green thread. These are Patrick Curved Raglan shirts from Fishsticks Designs. I cut these out so long ago that they were intended to be long-sleeved. I decided to keep the hoods (very thin knit) but eliminate the undersleeves to make these more warm weather friendly. The sleeves have been attached but not topstitched, and the hoods have been constructed. Tomorrow night (I hope!) I will sew up the side seams and attach the hoods. Then they'll be ready to wear!Hmm...forgot a scrub shirt that has been cut out for ages, which was supposed to be finally made when green thread was on the serger. Guess I'll have to pull that out. I'm sure that nothing has been interfaced. We'll see what I do tomorrow night.
The new PJ pants are done, and the shirts are mostly done. Left to do: hem the lengths and applique planets to them. Then they need a run through the wash prior to wearing. That's okay - the train shirts will also need to go through the wash, as the pieces were heavily starched to make them behave better for the hemming.

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