Saturday, May 1, 2010

Scrub shirt marathon complete....

Well, mostly, anyway. Though technically, the other scrub item I was working on was a scrub jacket, so the scrub shirt marathon is complete. But I digress....First up, the masterpiece, the Beatles scrub shirt!

I think it turned out really well. And check out the awesomeness that it the matched pocket! Unfortunately, I didn't realize that the pocket was standing slightly away from the shirt when I took the picture, so this doesn't do it justice. From a small distance, you really can't see the pocket.My friend was super excited to get it - not the least because she had given up that I'd ever actually make it. She was thinking that the fabric would be willed back to her. :) It was a great surprise.

Next up, Taz, for my friend's husband:

Then Suzy's Zoo, for my mom:
Followed by McDs, for my friend. This one will probably go into the mail Monday as a Nurses' Day gift. It'll make her laugh. :)

All the scrub shirts are M9123, except Taz, which is M2834 (same thing, but bigger size).


jillnjosh said...

Color me impressed on the pattern matching/invisible pocket. Good job!! I'm also impressed on the stash busting. You're going to be very popular, lol.

Kris C. said...

I'm planning on resting on my laurels on that pocket for quite some time. ;) I've never tried to pattern match a pocket, but that one just needed to happen.

Shawn F. said...

Is there anywhere I can buy these?