Saturday, May 30, 2015

Still more PJs

I believe that it may have been previously mentioned here that my brother is an obsessed Star Wars fan.  So when I saw this sheet set at a local thrift store, there was no question what it would become!  This is my TNT pattern for mens' PJ pants - B6887 - OOP now but still available on eBay, etc. - but this time I did not make the fly functional or add a drawstring, as the fabric would have needed substantial interfacing to make buttonholes or hold snaps.  He said that he really doesn't use them, anyway, so I saw no point.

And Thing 2 is in need of some new PJs.  Actually, this was supposed to be a pair of winter PJs, but I screwed up my cutting layout and wasn't able to get both front and back cut out in the full length.  So I put my screwed up pieces aside while I ordered more fabric (on etsy, paying far more than I had for the original length, grrrr), and instead I cut out a pair of shorts.  After finishing them, I added some sharks to a purchased shirt to complete the new summer set.  I still plan to finish the originally planned set, though that will have to wait until some other birthday gifts are finished.  I may even have enough left over for another short set, that would become someone's birthday gift....hmmm.....

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