Sunday, May 24, 2015

Teacher gifts

So once again, the school year has come to an end, and I did my now traditional end of the year teacher gift!  I made two new tote bags and pulled one from last year out of the gift stash.  (Yay, gift stash!)  And I even finished these TWO nights before the end, so I had time to leisurely wash out the chalk markings. :)  

Anyway, the new ones were made from a palm tree home dec fabric I found at the thrift store.  I originally intended to leave the bags unlined, but then I figure it really wouldn't take that much more time to just line them.  I forgot to take a picture before Thing 1 left the house with one of the bags - his had a green twill in place of the brown sheet.  I did serge all the seams of the outer bag, because the home dec print was a little ravelly.

And the one from last year - the green was a broadcloth from the thrift store, and the black was from a thrifted sheet.

As per usual, I filled the bags with a beach towel, a canister of strawberry lemonade mix, a plastic water bottle, a pair of flip flops, a can of sunscreen, a note from the appropriate Thing, and a B&N gift card.  I really hope that they enjoy the gifts!

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