Wednesday, August 5, 2015

UFO to FO!

I am embarrassed to admit how long this has languished in "the pile."  I think it was two years, to be honest.  When I was thinking up a birthday gift for Thing 1's then-teacher, I had considered using the Green Pepper Wave Bag pattern.  But I had wanted to muslin it first and make sure it would be okay.  (I have a hard time visualizing bag sizes very well....)  Anyway, I used a white twill and a weird woven purple paisley print for the first try.  And then I totally stalled on the binding/straps.  Like, for two years.  The pattern called for webbing to be folded over as the binding, and I didn't want to do that, but I wasn't sure how best to do it.  So the muslin got thrown onto the sewing table and left there. for. ever.

Then I finally decided that I really wanted to finish it for my grandma's birthday earlier this year.  (Since I didn't get it done for last year's birthday....)  And it really didn't take all that long to cut and press bias tape to use on the edges.  Sigh.....

The colors of the print are pretty dark in this picture.  

Definitely more true to life here.  It really isn't a bad color, though she may not be able to find anything in it!

Hopefully she likes it!  I was just thrilled to have it done and out of the sewing room.

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