Saturday, August 8, 2015

Matching family!

I wanted to send a baby gift to a family which recently welcomed their fourth child, a daughter (they've been alternating boy-girl), and I thought it'd be fun to send something to the older siblings. And then it hit me - they could be quasi-matchy-matchy, which would probably never happen if you were looking for store-bought clothes.  But this is why we sew!

My dino appliques are usually a big hit, so I decided they would be appropriate here, too.  The first set features the darker blue on the boy shirts and the lighter blue on the girls.  This was simply due to not having a single shade that would look good on all the shirts.  (As an aside, it's not easy to find plain, solid color tees at WM for all the sizes I needed!)

For this set, I was able to use a single red fabric for all the shirts, and I think they look pretty good.

I heard that the family loved them! 

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