Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Backpack done!

I finished it last night! And I left it hanging from the hall closet doorknob for Thing 1 to find this morning. He was heading for the bathroom, saw the backpack, stopped and put his clothes down long enough to put the backpack on, picked up his clothes again, and marched the rest of the way to the bathroom (picture a 4-year-old wearing a pull-up, socks, and a backpack - that's it!). What a goof! At any rate, he is thrilled. And I am happy enough with my work. :)

I made some changes to the pattern - mostly minor. The most major change was to eliminate the need for bias binding on the outside and to make the lining separate. You can find a detailed review here. This is a perfect size for a young child, and the adjustable straps will make it useful for a lot longer. I think that if I make this again, I will probably change the straps to use webbing and parachute buckles, instead of D-rings. I think that would look a little more professional, and it would probably be easier for a child to learn to work themselves. But the current straps and D-rings are fine, so I'm not going to change anything on this one.

Now to go clean the bathroom and vacuum before cutting out my next project, an Amy Butler Swing Bag for a friend!


Clothmatters said...

What a beautiful backpack. Wonderful choice of fabric. Well done.

Karen said...

Thats beautiful!