Saturday, July 14, 2007

No sewing lately....

I haven't sewn anything since the backpack was finished, partly because we had company for the last couple of days. I have been thinking about it, though! I have the lining fabric for an Amy Butler swing bag (breast cancer ribbons and pink teddies - my friend's mom was just diagnosed), and I think I have denim for the outer fabric. So I need to cut that out tonight or tomorrow and try to get it sewn up before I start work next week.

I have several pairs of pants and shorts for Thing 1 cut out - mostly in greens, so I should be able to sew them up in an assembly line. (I've been promising him stuff from a shark print, so I really should follow through!) And I've been thinking about how to make some lunch bags out of old jeans. I want to make one for Thing 2 for his food for daycare (I make homemade baby food for him, so I have more to take in than most parents do), but since daycare is only 2 miles away, I might not insulate it. That'll mean less bulk taking up room in their small fridge there, too. But the one for me to use at work will definitely need to be insulated. I was inspired by the lunchbag Annie at Bramblestitches made for her DH. I had two old pairs of jeans lying around to use for "something," so I spent my time at the park wisely by ripping them apart while the Things played! I am now ready to cut out whatever exactly I decide to do for the lunch bags. Hopefully I'll have something to show later this week.

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