Sunday, July 8, 2007

One week to go....

...until I go back to "Work," that is. (I'm calling it "Work" because, as a fellow stay-at-home mom pointed out, all moms work - some get paychecks, some don't.) So anyway, one more week to be home with all the endless possibilities of stuff to do. I'm currently working on the backpack for Thing 1, from Butterick 6735. I am changing it so that there is a separate lining and so that there is no bias trim on the outside (mainly because I haven't yet tested my bias binder foot, I want this to be done tomorrow, and historically I'm not satisfied with both sides of my bias binding). I'm halfway through assembling both backpack and lining, so hopefully I'll have pictures to post tomorrow. I think it'll be a good size for Thing 1. Then it's off to see what will be next up in the queue!

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