Monday, July 16, 2007

A really cool baby carrier!

I should start this off by saying that I've never been one to do "babywearing." I never could figure out how to use a sling - though I may try again! - and I didn't like either of the two front carriers I was given before Thing 1 was born. I used one of them sporadically in Thing 2's earlier days, just because he was a more clingy baby, but it wasn't terribly comfortable. However, when Angela of Blessed Designs asked for pattern testers for a carrier pattern she'd designed, I jumped at the opportunity. She said that the carrier would work up to about 35 lbs or 3 years, so I figured, what have I got to lose? :) There are numerous babies due in the next six months in my church, so if I didn't like the carrier, it could always become a baby shower gift for someone.

Here is the finished carrier, shown on a chair to give an idea of how it sits when in use. The pattern is based on the idea of an Mei Tai/Asian baby carrier, but it is different in that the straps are adjustable and use buckles. I do not need any more bulk on my rear end or anywhere near my waist, so I like the buckles much better! This pattern also has options for making a sleeping hood, to shield a sleeping baby from the sun or light, and a pillow insert, to make it more of a sling style for a young baby. I made the hood but haven't yet made the pillow insert (Thing 2 is too big to use it).

So maybe this one wasn't going to end up as a baby shower gift, after all! Not sure to whom I'd give a Star Wars baby carrier, except my brother, who has no children, either here on the ground or expected. :) But I had the fabric in stash and hadn't used it yet, so I figured it would work for a little boy's carrier. (I am a Star Wars fan, too.) And I love the final product! In fact, I've been using it a lot! The weight is pretty well distributed between your shoulders and your waist - actually, the weight is mostly on your waist/hips, and the shoulders/back are more for stabilization - and it is very comfortable to use. Thing 2 seems to be a fan, as well. He snuggles right up when I start to put him in it. (Pictures of the carrier in use can be seen at Blessed Designs - just look under "Other patterns.")

Oh, yeah, and this only uses 1 yard of 60-inch wide twill or denim for the outer fabric and 1 yard of 45-inch wide cotton for the lining. How cool is that? I definitely see more of these in my future, especially since I was able to sew it up in 4-5 hours. And who knows? Some might actually become baby shower gifts! :)

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