Monday, January 7, 2008

Looking ahead in 2008

A lot of people are talking about goals/resolutions for the year. I avoid resolutions, so I figure that goals are the way to go. Sewing goals are pretty simple, in no particular order:

1. Sew more of my stash. I went overboard on sales this year, and now I have a TON of fabric to sew up.

2. Keep my sewing area organized. My DH installed new shelves in my sewing room, and I got all my fabric out the closet and onto the shelves (pictures to come in a later post). I still need to actually organize it on the shelves.

3. Finish what I start. I have a habit of cutting out a lot, then taking forever to sew it up. I hope that the UFO contest on PatternReview will help motivate me to finish up a lot of the current UFOs.

4. Sew for me! I tend to sew mostly for my boys and for gifts. I need to make time to sew for myself as well. I think I'll start with a pair of a PJ pants and a PJ shirt that I've been planning to make for two years.

5. Stay on top of gift sewing. I did fairly well with this until Christmas. This year, I want to sew for Christmas gifts throughout the year. I have some fabrics earmarked for certain Christmas gifts already, so I can start working on this soon.

6. Use my favorite hobby to help support itself. I've had inquiries about sewing scrubs for money after people have seen friends wearing the scrub shirts I've made for them. It's time to use up some of the fabric I bought for scrub shirts and turn it into $$.

I'll post throughout the year with how I'm doing.

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