Monday, January 14, 2008

White queue #1 is gone!

The first set from the "white serger thread" queue is done! (In fact, this is the entirety of what I originally considered the "white serger thread" queue to be. I have since remembered a few UFOs that should probably get some attention now, but that's not the point!) Not pictured here are two pair of toddler PJ pants from the same flannel as the middle pair of boxers. I thought it'd be fun for the two little boys to be able to match their father! :)
The $$ flannel in the upper left is another pair of PJ pants, again from Butterick 6887, though without the fly (mock or real). It's for my DSIL, so I saw no point in taking time over a fly. I used to take off the bottom three or four inches of the legs and add a cuff so that she could roll up the legs if desired, but I've heard that she never does, so this iteration is sans cuff. The three boxers are again all from Simplicity 9958, and all three fabrics were purchased sometime this fall with the intent of using them for boxers. Always nice to still have the same vision by the time these things are sewn!
Now I have just two more Christmas gifts to complete, and I'll be totally done! Oh, yeah - still have to get them wrapped, packaged up, and out the door....

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