Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Some Christmas presents done!

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm late....I finished all the stuff that was given in person (on time, I might add!), so now I'm playing catchup with the stuff that's mailed out of town. I think I had something in one of my goals about not being behind on this in 2008....

The fabric peeking out in the upper left is from a pair of flannel PJ pants (Butterick 6887, using Simplicity 9958 for the real fly). I found this fabric on clearance over the summer and thought it would be perfect. The others are all boxers (Simplicity 9958, my TNT boxer pattern). The John Deere fabric must be a remnant I've had over a year, since it didn't show up in my fabric spreadsheet from last year. The Spiderman fabric was found on sale this summer, and DH specifically requested boxers from it! (This from the man who says he has way too many boxers and he'll never be able to wear them all out - HA!) The Native American fabric is for my grandpa, who is a big fan of Native American stuff. And the horse fabric is for my DSIL, who loves horses.

So three of these fabrics have been in the stash at least since the summer, and two were purchased in the last month for these gifts. I'm happy with that. After all, one goal is to sew more from stash. I realize that I can't do that all the time, but I have a lot of stash, so I should at least attempt to get something from stash first. This is a good start. And for the moment, since I started a new yardage spreadsheet for the year, I have almost 8 yards out and 0 yards in!

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