Saturday, January 12, 2008

Still plugging away.... the "white serger thread" queue! I'm down to waistbands and hems, so that's pretty darn close! I hope to finish this afternoon (maybe during naps) and get a picture up later today. I am, however, taking a break to go to the store. I need something to use as drawstrings for the 2 adult PJ pants, and since I'll be out anyway, I think I might buy some grommets to try on the second pair instead of buttonholes for the drawstring. Might as well do something new, right?

I also need to pick up some more quilter's template plastic. I don't use it for many things, but I have transferred certain "well-loved" pattern pieces to the plastic when they were small enough and it seemed necessary. So far I have the back neck facings for each size of my scrub patterns and the fly pieces/markings for each size of my boxer pattern on plastic. I now want to make a template for the pocket bags for Thing 1's pants/shorts. (Quick story: I drafted the original pocket bag pattern from a pair of RTW pants, and it worked really well. Then at one point, I misplaced the pattern. Oh, no! I finally gave up on finding it and redrafted one that wasn't quite right but will work. Before I tweaked the redraft, I ran across the original while looking for something else. It's currently on plastic sheeting, which is my version of pattern tracing material, but I think it's important enough to go onto the template plastic. I just need another sheet or two of the plastic!)

We'll see what else they have floating around that becomes "necessary," but I'm guessing that it won't be fabric. After all, I have good stats for the year so far - don't want to mess that up! :)


Lisa Laree said...

"...white serger thread queue." I can *so* identify!!!

Kris C. said...

I thought you would! :) I have related so well to your tales of the "prodigious queue!"