Sunday, May 31, 2009


So you know those cool double-layer potholders you see - the ones that are in the shape of a square, but they look like they're done diagonally? I've seen them both knit and crocheted, but I never had a clue how to make them....until I saw this link. And then I thought - hey! That looks really easy! So while watching a movie last night, I made my first:
It's got a scrappy look to it, especially this next side, because while I have ten tons of acrylic yarn, I had barely any cotton yarn. And I definitely didn't have any full skeins of cotton. But it's not terrible-looking, and it'll still work, right?

Talk about easy! I had it done during the movie, and I barely had to look down at it once I was done with the first row. So I bought four skeins of cotton yarn at the store today, and I'm going to be making more potholders for gifts. Cause, hey! Who can't use a double-layer potholder? :)

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