Saturday, May 2, 2009

Still sewing...but slowly...

Have had a busy last couple of months, so while I have completed items, I haven't taken pictures or bothered to update my blog. But I'm going to try to do a little better. I am now in the middle of sewing a new backpack for Thing 1, because the one I sewed him almost two years ago is now falling apart. The zipper broke last week, and pieces are fraying and falling apart. So it's time - just in time for his birthday! I hope to have it done this weekend. The outer pieces are all cut, quilted, and serge-finished, and I still need to cut the lining. I bought a heavier weight zipper this time, although I suppose that two years was probably pretty good for a regular zipper getting daily use by a toddler. ;)

I am also planning to sew a quick backpack for Thing 2, using the Totpacks pattern from SewBaby. I have some nondescript denim that would be good, and maybe I'll put a train applique or something on the pocket. I'll probably line it, too, because I prefer to do that, but maybe I'll just serge finish the pieces and make it a quick, unlined project.

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