Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

There is a challenge going on this week at Elsie Marley - to sew one hour per day for your children for a week. Fittingly, I heard about it at Fishsticks Designs. I wasn't able to sew yesterday, but I did get a new pattern sewn up today. This is the free tank pattern found at Fishsticks Designs. The sizes range from 12 months to 5T, and I made both the 4T and 5T. I was sure that at least one would fit DS#2, and the 5T looked as though it might be large enough to fit DS#1. And if it didn't, I knew that it would fit DS#2 soon enough.

This pattern is another winner from Fishsticks Designs. There are only a few pattern pieces, and it works up quickly and easily. I used a knit jersey print from my stash and black cotton lycra from my binding stash. The pattern can be made with either a sewing machine alone or sewing machine and serger. I followed the directions and topstitched the bindings ed in place once they were serged on and pressed in place, but that and the hems are the only parts that require a sewing machine. All other seams can be made on either sewing machine or serger. I personally prefer my serger for knit seams, but they can certainly be made on the sewing machine alone with a stretch stitch.

In the end, my DS#1 (who just turned 8) said that the 5T shirt was slightly uncomfortable at the back armholes - that they were too tight on his shoulder. And I thought that the shirt looked a little snug on his belly. But I think that adding some width to both front and back and scooping out the armholes a little would make it wearable for him. I may try that next week. The 4T looks about perfect on my not-quite-5-year-old, and he can also wear the 5T, but it's just long on him. I'll wait to see how interested DS#2 is in sleeveless shirts, but I could see myself making quite a few more of these in the various knits I have stashed.

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