Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New boy shirts!

I have been trying to remain on a fabric diet lately, only buying fabric to make specific gifts when I didn't have anything appropriate in the stash, and I've been....mostly good. But then I took advantage of a nearby doctor's appointment and a child-free morning to visit Jackman's Fabrics, thinking that I would look at the upcoming class projects, drool over eye candy, and leave empty-handed. But then I saw a cotton-lycra shark print.....Oops! My boys love sharks, and I really liked the look of this print. So I got a yard and a half, intending to find a coordinating solid and make them both new shirts for Easter. The dark blue cotton lycra came from JAF the next day, and I did get to work on these quickly. However, I was still polishing my thesis at that point, so they didn't get finished until the day after Easter. :( Oh, well - the boys love them, and they did get done fairly quickly.

These are both Patrick Curved Raglan Seam Shirts, from Fishsticks Designs. The previous PCR shirts I made for my boys were sizes 3T and 5T, but they're starting to get a bit small (short, mostly), so I sized up this time. I used a size M from the "Big Kid" size range for Thing 1 and a 5T for Thing 2 (mainly because I already had it traced, and it would give him a lot of room to grow). Thing 2's shirt is long on him, but definitely wearable, and Thing 1's shirt has some growth room but looks pretty good, I think.

Then for stash! I had bought a yard of red/grey ooga booga interlock a year or so ago, intending it for shirts for my boys. I finally cut a hooded PCR shirt (also size M) for Thing 1. I have some left over, but not sure if I have enough for a second shirt. The grey interlock was leftover from a previous project. Thing 1 approved this prior to cutting and decided that he wanted a hood. (I'm learning to ask first unless I'm really really sure, because I've made some things that he's refused to wear.)

Thing 2 doesn't need clothes as much as Thing 1 does, partly due to hand-me-downs, but he loves to get new stuff that Mama makes. And I earmarked this ninja fabric for him since I bought it at the same time as the red/grey oogas. Another PCR sized 5T, this uses a red cotton/poly interlock that I bought at JAF specifically for this project. I prefer 100% cotton interlocks, but JAF is not always stocking them anymore. :(

I did manage to screw up and cut all the hood pieces with the stretch going up and down rather than side-to-side. Oops! The only problem I ran into with that during construction was that it made it harder to ease the hoods into the necklines. I will have to watch to see if there are any further problems due to the stretch going the wrong way....

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