Sunday, May 8, 2011


I have a friend who was extremely helpful to me during the process of writing my thesis. She was great moral support, she listened when I vented, she gave good editing suggestions, and she was willing to go all over campus to copy/scan articles that I couldn't get online. Needless to say, she deserves a big thank you. She wants me to make her a T-shirt quilt, using her collection of college T-shirts. She'll pay for my time, but since she's been so much help, I won't be charging her what it's worth.
Still, in the meantime, I wanted to have something to give her at graduation next weekend. Since she wants an Illini T-shirt quilt, it's pretty obvious that she's an Illini fan, right? So I bought Illini flannel on clearance at JAF and made her a pillowcase (only one, because it's a directional print, and there wasn't enough to make a second). She also teaches anatomy, and I found a Halloween bones print, so I made a second pillowcase out of that! I think she'll get a kick out of these.

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