Monday, May 16, 2011

Kid Clothes Week Challenge - Final

So I didn't do a great job in the kids clothes week challenge, but that's okay. The only completed items were the two Fishsticks Designs Tanks and this mouse shirt, which I didn't have time to blog about before we left for the weekend. I actually finished sewing it Thursday, but I didn't put the snaps in until late Friday night, just in time to pack it up and leave.

It was a huge hit! Thing 2 loved it, and he proudly wore it to graduation Sunday. It was cold this weekend, so he wore a sweatshirt over it, but he kept pulling the hem out to show people. I foresee this shirt will get a lot of wear over the summer!
You can see the engraved mouse snaps I used here, though the snap has gotten itself turned nearly upside down, and the picture is somewhat grainy. You get the idea, though - it's just a nice subtle touch. I was pleased that the red snaps matched the red background so well! He can easily fasten and unfasten the shirt himself with the buttons - I'm pretty happy!
This is the inside of the shirt. The pattern is B3475, which I've used before. I tried the previous four shirts on Thing 2 to check for sizing - he can wear all the sizes (2-5), but size 5 was definitely the winner for growth room! His size 2 shirt is getting a little short, and the size 5 wasn't ridiculously long, so it was the winner. I want him to be able to wear this for a long time. I changed the pattern to add a lined yoke, for easier installation of the collar neatly. I'm pretty pleased! As per my previous versions, I used french seams on the sides and bound the front facings and the armholes with bias tape. This shirt looks good on the inside, and it didn't take much longer to make it that way.
Thing 1 pretty much won't wear his button-front shirts at all, so I'm sticking with knit shirts for him. But Thing 2 seems pretty fond of these, so I'll likely make him a few more over the summer. We'll see....

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