Friday, April 4, 2014

More key fobs!

I recently made a bunch of key fobs and thought I'd share them.  These are so quick and easy!  The first set went to my high school friend who is a nurse.  I told her to pick her favorite and then see if anyone at work was interested in buying the others.  (Yes, I'm selling them - if someone is willing to help fund my new ribbon obsession, I'm totally willing to let them!  $6 each plus shipping if anyone's interested)  I think my favorite is probably the red one, but the blue goes almost perfectly with the blue in the stethoscopes, and the black looks pretty classy.  I'm thinking that in the future, I'll make sure that they all line up with the phrase complete on each side. 

These two are random gifts.  I know someone who loves Legos and was in need of a pick-me-up - I hope that she liked it!  That would potentially be a nice fundraiser for a Lego robotics team, too....And the eyes one is going to a friend who works in an ophthalmology office.  Maybe her coworkers would like some?  We'll see....

And these were commissioned by coworkers at the animal shelter I occasionally do work for.  One of the techs saw the key fobs I made for the other doctors, and she asked where I had gotten them.  When I said that I'd made them, she asked if I would sell any.  I thought about it and said sure, and she collected orders.  My favorite is probably still the turquoise, but I'm also partial to the purple and the green.  I also really like this ribbon on black, but no one ordered it this time.

I hope that everyone likes their new key fobs!  I'm currently semi-obsessed with making them, but I have to wait until my hardware order arrives before I can make any more.  These are great gifts - relatively inexpensive, but super cute and very useful.  I'll definitely continue to make them as gifts, especially when I need multiples.

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