Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still more key fobs - and a new use!

So I had made my friend some "Proud to Be a Nurse" key fobs, and she wanted more to distribute among her coworkers for Nurses' Day (May 6th, in case you aren't aware).  She chose the webbing colors from the ones I had available.  The Candy Crush key fob is for my aunt's birthday in the fall - yes, I too am shocked that I'm this far ahead of the game on that one! And the Lego key fob is for my son.... make it harder for him to lose his jump drive!  This particular jump drive is to be used for his programs for the Lego robotics club, so the Lego ribbon is perfect.  I let him pick the webbing color, too, and I am hoping this makes it easy to hang onto his jump drive, or at least much easier to find when he invariably misplaces it.  (These jump drives are TINY!)

I think this is a great way to help keep track of jump drives, and I'm thinking that I'll be making some key fobs for my own jump drives!  Time to make those suckers harder to lose!

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Stephanie said...

These are such fun!!!