Sunday, July 8, 2018

New PJ shorts for ME

Back in December, I tested out two pairs of PJ shorts patterns for me, to see which I liked better, before doing some assembly line sewing.  I never blogged the results, which were this first picture.  Yep.  Made this pair from rainbow tie-dyed paw prints on black flannel, back in December.  And it's seen regular rotation once the weather warmed up.

I cut these other pairs at the same time, but then life happened, and I didn't finish them until I was sewing on the Fourth of July.  Now I have three more pairs of PJ shorts for the summer!  The monster flannel was from JAF once upon a time - and I used it for my boys as well.  The walrus flannel was left over from PJ pants I made for a friend.  And the license plate woven was from deep stash.  I'm pretty excited to try them out!

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