Friday, March 13, 2015

Back to boxers.....

I can never get too far away from boxers as gifts for men in my life....though of course this is a pretty small group of men that I can sew boxers for. :)  My dad's birthday was in January, and when I saw this tool flannel, I thought it would be great for boxers for him during the very cold months.  Because it's flannel, I don't expect that he'll wear them throughout the year, but they might be very welcome when it's really cold.

And these are for my brother - probably for his birthday later this year.  I had cut them out several months before sewing them, as part of an assembly line process.  So when I worked on my dad's boxers, I figured I'd grab these and sew them up, too.  This fabric was from JAF, and I found it on red tag clearance one day.  There's some glitter in the fabric, too, which makes it even more hilarious for boxers.

As always, this is S9958 - my TNT boxer pattern.

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