Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hanging towels again....

Yep, still finishing up Christmas gifts.  Apparently I should have a) finished the gifts on time and b) blogged about them earlier.  My bad.....

Anyway, one of my clinics usually throws a towel over the chain by the sink at the start of every work day.  Sometimes the towels are nice, sometimes they are ratty.....And you never know if anyone thinks to change them and wash them daily, so I decided that it was time to make some big hanging towels to use at the clinic.  These are actually bath towels from WM, which I cut in half - just like my regular hanging towels.  I enlarged the top pattern with some help from my ruler and French curve (and then I stitched and restitched until the sizing was right for each towel).  The towel on the right has the better color, at least from my computer.  The towel on the left is a pretty close match to the top on the right, and the top on the left is actually a purple - pretty close match to the towel on the right.  I chose these colors because a) they are in the clinic logo, and b) they add a pop of cheery color to an otherwise kind of industrial looking area.  I made two of each, so plenty to be able to use daily and wash in between.  Here's hoping that they are appreciated!

And some Blackhawks towels that I made a few months ago....I have enough to make seven of each print, but I didn't have enough towels right now.  So I made four of the one on the left (that's actually a pretty bright red towel, by the way) and three of the one on the right.  Once I get more towels, I'll finish the rest.....Three sets went out as Christmas presents to friends who are Hawks fans, and the extra of the one on the left stayed in my kitchen. :)

I just have to say yet again how good these are for fairly quick and inexpensive gifts.  They are so useful/practical, and they can be fairly generic or customized to the taste of the recipients.  Thing 2's teachers and most of my coworkers at one clinic got hanging towels for Christmas, and they loved them.  For those with small children, I keep hearing that these are the only towels the toddlers can't yank off the towel bars.

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