Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Build-a-Fort kits

Thing 2 has a double birthday party to attend, and I wasn't able to get any information ahead of time regarding preferences, colors, etc.  So instead of Pajama Eaters, I thought I would make some build-a-fort kits!  I made one for my boys for Christmas as well as one for a friend's kids (didn't blog either one, apparently), and they were quite a hit.  (Also a great hit with parents - requires no assembly but encourages creativity and imagination, and keeps Mom's blankets from being turned into tents.)

I got the idea online but now don't remember where I saw it.  At any rate, you'll see plenty if you google "build a fort kit" - lots of inspiration, as well as places to purchase!  For these, I combined some ideas I'd seen.  I used two flat sheets, and I turned the sheets under about 2 inches at the corners and the midpoints of the long sides.  I stitched those spots down for about 4 inches - easy to thread a rope through!  I also made drawstring bags to hold the suction cups, clothespins, and larger plastic clamps.  (By the way, I got all these, plus the rope and flashlights, at Dollar Tree.  The suction cups come 9 to a package, the clothespins are 36 to a package, and the jumbo clips are 6 to a package - and I found all those in the laundry section.)  Then I also modified pillowcases to hold all the items - basically, I shortened the pillowcases and added a casing for a drawstring.  This is easy for children to open and close themselves.  It did take time - especially because I made my own bias tape for the casings and drawstrings instead of using purchased - but all in all, I put less than $10 into each fort kit (the sheets were purchased at thrift stores and then washed on hot water).  When your child gets invited to a lot of birthday parties each year, thrifty presents are awesome!

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