Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Angry Birds

As I mentioned back when I made the first "Angry Bird" from M6481, Thing 1 - who had never showed much interest in Angry Birds before - decided that he wanted one, too....Go figure.  He chose view A, the shaggy looking "bird" with no wings or anything else but eyes.  And when we went to the fabric store together, he picked out this green textured fleece for his creature.  We needed 1/4 yard for one creature, but don't be fooled - due to the width, I got THREE creatures out of that 1/4 yard.  I cut out the pieces, and there it sat....for several months....until I decided it was ridiculous, and clearly these needed to be finished in time for the two extras to be used for Christmas gifts (yes, I'm still catching up on those posts).

Once again, I fused the eyes to the fleece via an iron over a press cloth.  Worked great!  I hadn't read the instructions (shame on me) or I would have realized that it actually said to stitch these down.  Oops!  Next time....But Thing 1 is happy, and my little niece apparently loves hers, too!  As does my friend's son who got the last one (and his brother is super jealous - ha!).  So definitely a hit!

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