Monday, February 18, 2013

How to be a good mom :)

My son's classroom earned "Dress Like a Famous Person Day" for good behavior.  And he decided to go with a twist - he wanted to dress up as the school mascot, a gnome holding an open book.  And he only told me about this at dinner the night before - grrr....

The nice thing was that really, all he needed was a fake beard and a pointy gnome hat.  Then he could just wear his school shirt and call it good.  So I consulted Google and found an Easy Santa Beard pattern - which I figured would also work for a gnome.  And I used the basic idea from Tradewind Tiaras to make gnome hats.  However, I didn't have any felt on hand, and I wasn't about to go out looking.  (Not to mention that this was late at night by the time I was able to start.)  My son couldn't remember whether the gnome had a red hat or a blue one, and we couldn't find last year's yearbook to check.  So I ended up making both a red hat and a blue one out of fleece (had plenty in my sewing room), and I also made a "hat insert" out of the stiffest interfacing I had.  So he could slip the insert into whichever hat he wore, and it would stand up as any self-respecting gnome hat should.

He was thrilled, and I heard that his costume was a total hit at school.  One of the teachers took a picture which may end up in the yearbook.  Not bad for no notice, huh?

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