Friday, February 22, 2013

New Pajama Eaters!

Do you remember the Pajama Eaters I made a few months ago?  For a birthday party that Thing 2 was invited to?  For a boy-girl set of twins?  Well, they apparently absolutely love their PJ eaters!  Which is totally awesome news, of course - I love hearing that kids love the gifts that I've made.  But they also have a little brother, and he wanted a PJ eater.  And it's not exactly something that you find at Target or Wal-mart, right?  So their mom asked if I'd be willing to make one for him, and of course I was excited to do so!  After some discussion of his likes and some pictures emailed back and forth, we settled on a blue mottled flannel for the body and a sports-playing dinosaurs flannel for the feet and inside.  I think it turned out really cute, and he loved it - which was all that matters!  So this was my first commissioned PJ Eater!  I'm hoping to start an etsy shop and sell some in the future....we'll see....

And of course my guys needed some PJ eaters of their own!  Thing 2 got a ninja PJ eater, inspired by Craft, Interrupted.  He loves the colors red and orange, and I figured red looks more like a ninja to me.  Besides, I have yards of that red mottled flannel. :)  I used a cream felt for the skin around the eyes and a black mottled cotton (not flannel) for the contrast.  It was a hit, as you can see!

And Thing 1 needed a penguin, so I used Craft, Interrupted's owl PJ eaters as inspiration and came up with this!  I really like how it turned out.  Very cute and penguin-like!

Sigh.  I love the PJ eaters.  They just make me happy.

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